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The top ranked schools in Colorado are using Core Knowledge as their foundation for student success.  Callan Rose applies the Core Knowledge curriculum to the pre-school level.  Because Callan Rose is an art based school, we also implement the Core Knowledge Art and Music programs.  “The Core Knowledge Sequence is a detailed outline of specific content to be taught in preschool through 8th grade in the areas of language arts, history (American and world), geography, music, visual arts, mathematics, and science.  Core Knowledge responds to the idea that elementary and middle schools need a solid, specific, shared core curriculum in order to help children establish strong foundations of knowledge, grade by grade.  To get more information about Core Knowledge, please see the Core Knowledge Foundation website at”
Core Knowledge Preschool at a Glance
Movement and Coordination
Physical attention and relaxation
Gross motor skills
Eye-hand and eye-foot coordination
Group games
Creative movement and expression

Autonomy and Social Skills
Sense of self and personal responsibility
Working in a group setting

Oral language
Nursery rhymes, poems, finger plays, and songs
Children’s literature: read alouds and storytelling
Emerging literacy skills

Patterns and classification
Numbers and number sense
Addition and subtraction with concrete objects

Orientation in Space
Actual and represented space
Simple maps
Basic Geographical concepts

Human/animal/plant characteristics, needs, and development
Physical elements (water, air, light)

Attention to differences in sound
Imitate and produce sounds
Listen and sing
Listen and move

Work Habits
Memory Skills
Following directions
Task persistence and completion

Visual Arts
Attention to visual detail
Looking at and talking about art
Creating art (printing, painting, drawing, collage, sculpture)

Orientation in Time
Measures of time
Passage of time (past, present, and future

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School Hours:
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Upcoming Events

April 8th-11th
Week of the Young Child
Mon - Beach Day 
  Tues- Disney/Super Hero Day
Wed - Sports Day
Thur - Crazy Hair Day
Fri - Pajama Day
April 22nd
Storyteller Beth Epley


April 10th
Picture Day
April 8th - 11th
Week of the Young Child
Mon - Sports Day
Tues - Cowboy/cowgirl Day
Wed - Dress to Impress Day
Thur - Crazy Day
Fri - Beach Day